Higher Education Made Affordable
New England College Planners helps families find the best fit for their teen both academically AND financially

Our program is fully customized—we are ready
to assist your family whether your student is
a junior or senior in high school, or already
in college, and regardless of your
present financial situation.

How New England College Planners Can Help


for Parents

for Students

  • evaluation of your financial situation and help with lowering your EFC
  • presentation of comprehensive plan for paying for your student’s college experience on a tax favorable basis
  • preparation of your student’s FAFSA and other financial aid paperwork every year until graduation
  • analysis of each college financial aid award package with a view to the best fit for your family
  • Negotiations for better Financial Aid package if applicable
  • series of interviews with college bound student: these personal sessions help to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses and shape the college search process
  • unlimited access to our proprietary computer software—allowing students to explore schools by program, size, location, career path, cost and scholarships
  • “best fit” college matching based on personal interviews, testing, and family finances, and help with selection of major through in depth graduation analysis of student skills and interests
  • start-to-finish application assistance: deadline updates, application oversight, essay editing, and scholarship suggestion
  • SAT Prep Courses



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