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"I learned a lot! I got specific information about financial aid and what I should and shouldn’t be doing right now. I feel like there’s a chance that, armed with this new information, I
can actually pay for college."
- Lewis B.

What Attendees Are Saying About Our Seminars

"I liked the plain talk. Raquel made all the financial aid jargon and double speak understandable for a regular person."
- Brenda S.
"I realized that I needed help with this process when my daughter came home with questions after her senior meeting. I know that there is help out there for my family now!"
- Michelle A.
"I learned a lot! I got specific information about financial aid and what I should and shouldn't be doing right now. I feel like there's a chance that, armed with this new information, I can actually pay for college."
– Lewis B
"We just wanted to tell you how much we've enjoyed letting the professionals handle things & helping our son with the college process…and that is who you are at NECP true Professionals! Thank you for all of your help. We couldn't have done it without you!"
- The Nedles
"Michaela is very pleased with all the work she has completed with you and your staff and has commented on how glad she was that we had your services as she feels much more complete in her application process than many of her friends! Thanks for all of your organization & drive that has gotten this far. We can't wait to see the final results in the spring"!
- Ann G.
"Our daughter has always been an overachiever, but as parents, we were wary of giving her too much free reign when it came to making decisions about her future schooling. She is a good student but can be a bit too relaxed for our comfort when it comes to deadlines and an avid procrastinator when it comes to big projects—school and otherwise. And we weren't confident that her high school guidance counselor had the time to devote to really assisting her with all her concerns and questions. He was clearly overburdened with the number of students he was assigned to help. We just wanted the best tools to be available to her and guidance through the college selection process. Ultimately, we wanted her to able to look back on her experience and say that she had chosen her college because of its excellent program in her area of interest and that she had applied only to schools that she was truly enthusiastic about. She got all of that and much more at NECP.
Our daughter actually enjoyed researching schools and majors and finished her college applications long before any of her friends. I can't tell you how much stress this alleviated for us and our daughter and how much more of her senior year she was able to enjoy as a result. The girl who walked through the door thinking she knew everything about college walked out unbelievably grateful for the tools NECP supplied to make the process manageable."
- The Daniels Family
"Concise and interesting. I wish these seminars had been available when we went through this with my first son."
- Robert W.
"After listening to Raquel, I understand that this is a strategic process now and that I have to take steps to get prepared. I feel like I have an ally now in NECP."
- Stephen B.
"I want to tell you how much we appreciate all you did for Lindsey and us too for that matter. Your advice, assistance, and reassurance made an unfamiliar and daunting endeavor actually enjoyable. To watch Lindsey blossom into the amazingly talented lady she is, makes our involvement with NECP one of the best decisions our family could ever make. Having NECP eliminate the fear of not being able to have Lindsey pursue her dreams was extremely gratifying, and I'm sure she will look back on her college years as amazing and over way too soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
- The Tulloch Family
"I wish we had met Raquel or heard about NECP three years ago when our oldest son was a senior in high school. We had listened to a variety of well-meaning sources—friends, relatives and even a financial planner, all of whom had very different ideas about how we should structure our assets to get the most financial aid. We felt like we were trying to navigate a stormy sea without maps or a compass. Every year we dreaded January—struggling through endless financial aid forms—the FAFSA, CSS, and our son's college's own extensive supplemental forms. And we were never happy with the outcome—at least not until NECP entered the picture. I'm happy to say that our estimated family contribution number has gone down and that our grant and free money from both the school and the state has risen dramatically. Looking back, it's hard not to think of the extra money we were just giving away to the school, especially when we didn't have that much to give! Now we have a plan to put our younger son through school as well, all while saving money for retirement and paying off our home."
- The Emerson Family
"You guys are awesome!!! Believe me when I tell you, Mike got so much out of the time he spent with you.
You made him feel as though he had value-even though he was going through such a hard time. Now that things have turned around for him Mike is off to Bryant for a bright new beginning. Thanks for all of your help."
- S.Crawley





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